Automation Testing

What it’s about, how it works and why

automation testing in process

Manual testing involves a human sitting at a computer and manually imputing the test steps. In an automation testing, a tool is used to carry out the examination rather than a person leaving little room for human error. Equally, an automated system is beneficial because it goes one step further than just testing. The software can enter data to compare anticipated and actual results then generating reports that can be analysed by humans afterwards.

Why should I invest in automation testing?

  • Testing multiple sites at the same time
    Instead of testing sites individually, you can test them all at once meaning humans don’t need to understand all the content on the site and don’t need to spend as much time sorting out each site.
  • Time and Cost

Automated testing can save a company a lot of time and money. Using software means you won’t have to employ individual testers, keeping costs down. Additionally, employees can spend more time creating new software or doing more profitable things for the business. Again, this will reduce time cost to the business and make the workforce more efficient. Equally these can be run overnight, meaning work on the reports can be done after they’re generated the next morning.

  • Reduces errors
    Automated testing is all done for you, reducing human error. Testing can be boring and monotonous as often you repeat the same thing again and again. Humans consequently become error-prone, have a negative effect on your office efficiency.

As you can see there are a lot of benefits to automation testing. However, the method cannot be used on all test cases. It should be limited to:

  • Those repeated constantly
  • Those that time consuming
  • Those that are difficult to use
  • Those that are high risk.

In conclusion, automated testing will considerably increase efficiency and reduce any excess time and financial costs. What are you waiting for, start automation testing today?

Screed Floor

Why use Screed Floor instead of other flooring products?

If you’ve got a large area that requires a suitable type of flooring system, the screed floor is one of many options that you could choose. Screed floor solutions for your property is a fast fit, quick-drying flooring option that’s durable, hardwearing and looks mightily impressive once it has been hardened on-site.

Top-quality Screed floors offer a wonderful, customizable flooring and it’s perfect to use in a host of industry sectors. Different types of screeding are available to suit all kinds of environments and you can bet they’ll be the perfect solution that’s suitable for your premises.

If you want fabulous flooring at an affordable rate consider a screed floor that’s installed by professional, specialist contractors.

Screed floor

What types of Screed Floor are there?

Customers are provided with a wide range of screed flooring options and varieties; from floor screeding companies, standard, fast drying and high strength flooring are just a few of the available solutions.

Standard ranges of screed floor are mixed with sand and cement and they can be reinforced with mesh to prevent cracking in the future. Fast-drying screeding is a useful option to consider if you want to keep disruption down to a minimum, it can be walked upon after just three hours and within 24 hours it’s ready for floor coverings. For the ultimate in industrial screed floor, it’s worth considering high strength products that can withstand heavy trafficking in the most industrious of areas.

Choosing a screed floor contractor

Once you decide you want a screed floor for a project it’s time to find a reliable contractor. That’s not too difficult and plenty of floor solution contractors are on the market sector ready to offer hassle-free flooring installations. Look for screeding professionals who offer the first-rate service for floor screeding and specialists who provide fixed prices for projects and charge some of the lowest day-work rates in the country.

A trusted team of screed floor specialists take great pride in their work offering the highest levels of customer satisfaction for their clients. When you want the best Screeding solution you should expect a focused team and a first-rate service from screeders that are trained to the very highest of standards.